My grand conclusion

Six Melbourne Uni boffins –
We hail from Creswick-town –
Had organised an info day
To share results around.

Our study topic’s fire
In the Otway mountain range:
How burns affects diversity,
Drive vegetation change.

We rounded up the DEPI staff,
Parks Vic and locals too,
Booked out a hotel ballroom,
Pulled blinds to block the view.

Our leader spoke of fire mosaics,
Study sites and burns.
We’ve a hundred plots for research
‘cross heathland, forbs and ferns.

Holly studied scrub wrens,
Matt tracked through day and night,
I asked how feral pests react
When bush is set alight.

Our data looked quite spiffy –
‘tis four years’ work or so.
The crowd admired our findings
And yet were keen to know

What all this meant – this work on roos,
Birds, bandicoots and rats,
On smoke for germination,
On foxes, feral cats.

Should burns take place in spring
Or wait for autumn rain?
Would baiting help or hinder?
Can owl chicks live through flame?

‘I dunno,’ we had to answer.
‘Not sure, can’t really say.
Needs further replication
Might vary day-to-day.’

PhDs require devotion,
Long days with no weekends
But the ultimate conclusion seems
‘Umm, well, it depends.’


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