An old trapper told me ‘It takes three years to learn to catch a fox.  Three years, girlie.’


Photo: L. Engledow

That was back in 2012. As I found out, he was pretty much right.

I’m now a Research Fellow with the Quantitative and Applied Ecology group (QAECO), working with Brendan Wintle to develop landscape-scale models of how fire and invasive predator  management affect threatened native mammals.

I recently completed my PhD on Interactions between Invasive Predators, Native Mammals and Fire in a Forest Ecosystem with the Fire Ecology and Biodiversity research group at the University of Melbourne.

If you’d like to learn more about my research or are interested in collaborating, please contact me at:

Bronwyn Hradsky
School of BioSciences
University of Melbourne
VIC Australia 3010


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