A shrub by any other name

What do you think about emotive language in science?

Are foxes invasive feral vermin, or simply introduced? When shrub cover increases, should we describe the process as shrub encroachment, invasion, expansion or woody thickening? Does it make a difference if the shrub species is indigenous?

In a paper now available in Austral Ecology early view, we looked at associations between native mammal occurrence and Yarra Burgan (Kunzea leptospermoides) canopy cover in a eucalypt forest. Yarra Burgan is native to the Yarra Valley, but has spread rapidly within Coranderrk Bushland Reserve over the past 20 years. Burgan grows to more than 10 m tall, shades out understorey plants and doesn’t appear to be eaten by anything much.

Kunzea leptospermoides

Areas ‘encroached’ by Burgan had a sparse, mossy understory and many fallen trees

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